Welcome to My New Series: Doing a New Thing

Doing a New Thing

Two weeks ago, I concluded my ministry at The United Churches of Olympia. It is over. It’s hard to believe but it’s over. On Tuesday, the moving van will arrive to pack up all my things before they move them away on Wednesday. It is my first experience of what the military calls a permanent change of station. Or because they abbreviate everything: PCS. We are really doing this. The man and I love and I are really moving to New Jersey. It’s happening. He will have a new job in the US Army and I — well — I’m not really sure.

Except that I do. I will be trying something new.

I applied to this program seeking to do something called entrepreneurial ministry. I went to a retreat a month ago. And on Monday, I have my first call with my cohort group to explore our progress on how it’s going in which I have to have something to say. Because I got lost this week reading archives of another blogger named Debbie Reber, which was shared with me by a wonderful former church member who knows about such things, I’m inspired to do something similar. Debbie writes about her progress in writing in her series Writer Unplugged. She actually seeks to offer wisdom. I can’t promise that. I’m going to dare to write about my failed and botched attempts at trying to become an entrepreneur. I’m just going to be honest.

So here it goes. Here is what I have done so far.

  • I picked a name. I know what this thing would be called — and as with most things in my ministry, the idea came from someone else proving that all good ideas are stolen.
  • I tinkered with a website. In truth, this has been an obsessive daily routine for the past two weeks. It’s bordering on ridiculous as my perfectionism is a bit too over the top.
  • I created a logo. It’s lame and boring but it’s a logo.
  • I dreamed up a tagline while at the gym. Yes, I have been to the gym.
  • I have begged other military wives for decent photos for said website because all of mine suck. Seriously. Why can’t I take a decent picture? I went to art school for crying out loud! I blame my iPhone.
  • I’ve wondered how to officially launch a website. How do you create buzz around a website? It’s live. I’m just trying to figure out how to make a splash where people — and by that I mean the particular people that I hope to connect with — can find it and use it — and hopefully think it’s awesome.
  • I have wallowed in self doubt because I really have no idea what it means to be an army wife. I don’t really understand that military and I fear all of progressive ideals are impossible to hide.
  • I tried to do some networking by email. I reached out to the various endorsers in the denominations close to me — and actually received a reply today! It was a really good email too.
  • I created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for this particular ministry. I’ve even posted to both of these social media outlets.
  • I searched for followers on Twitter. This is a thankless, hopeless, awful task where it seems everyone is quick to say in their little bio thing that following doesn’t equal an endorsement. I don’t need endorsements. I just want to engage in conversation!!!! So, I tried to spark some conversation. Nada.
  • I went back to Facebook. I learned that a beloved church member from my former church has died. I cried a little. I wondered what the hell I was supposed to do. Should I send a card? Can I Facebook message? I reread what is expected of me by the Pacific Northwest Conference after my ministry has ended. And then, I went to the gym.
  • I read another few chapters in Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Start Up.
  • I went to breakfast with a friend and joked that I’m trying to figure out how to sell Jesus because people like Chris Guillebeau seem to think that I have to have something to sell to be an entrepreneur. I don’t. I have Jesus. And I’m not a huge fan of the people that try to sell him so there must be another way. I just don’t know what it is… yet.
  • I reviewed my notes from the retreat last month, made some additional notes and watched David Kelley’s How to Build Your Creative Confidence. I watched another TEDTalk that was referenced in my retreat notes but I can’t figure out why it relates to anything.
  • I blogged on the live website — as that’s the first stage of my imagining of how this is all going to work.
  • I lamented that internet community is total crap and wondered why I’m bothering to start this way.

Just making this list is helpful to remember that I’m making small strides toward realizing this possibility. I hope to launch the website with a big ol’ splash next week. Check back and see if that actually happens or if the moving vans change all of my plans.

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