Doing A New Thing: Still Doing It

Doing a New ThingRemember how last week, when I concluded my first post in this new series, I stupidly said: Check back and see if that actually happens or if the moving vans change all of my plans. Yes, well, #mistakesweremade.

What I didn’t realize about moving in the military is that moving would suck up three days of my life. I watched them pack for two days. Two long days of watching these three guys pack up all of my stuff. Somehow, in the middle of that, they disabled my internet before I intended. I’m going to state the obvious here, but it is very hard to launch a website without internet. Hence, this week feels like a complete and total bust. But, I did manage to do a few things when I finally found internet in a coffee shop.

Here goes.

  • I read a few more chapters in Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Start Up.
  • I prepared for the official website launch. And then, I read more of Chris Guillebeau’s book and came to the conclusion that I’m not yet ready for any sort of website launch. Because that’s the worst idea ever. What was I ever thinking? There needs to be more content. It needs to be more of a thing. So I might be ready. Or I might not. I agonized about this a lot.
  • Then, I added more content. (Because, well, see above.) I blogged some more on the live website and even started a new column. I linked these things to Twitter and Facebook and decided to take a risk and throw into my personal network and see what would happen. Is that buzz?
  • I researched how to build an email subscribers list, felt dumb for not really understanding how to install a plug-in on WordPress, gave up and went to a party.
  • I tried to build some community. I found some new blogs. I commented on theirs and even joined a military spouse blog network.

Next week, I begin my cross-country adventure with one of my dearest friends. This means I may be spending more time driving and hiking National Parks than I will launching this ministry. I’m told by these entrepreneurial types that this is a perk of this lifestyle. I get to travel. So, we will see what happens when an entrepreneurial pastor and her dissertation writing sidekick try to have a cross-country adventure while both being stressed out about our work. I’m not going to set a goal. Because that seems cruel. So, we’ll just see what happens on its own.

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