I love this story of a group of moms meeting up on the track field of their local high school to scream. I am just sad that I didn’t hear about the first meetup. And that living on the other side of the Atlantic makes it really hard for me to show up.

I have heard that this is not the only event of its kind. It’s happening in other plays where other moms are exhausted which is really everywhere. Well, everywhere except here in Germany so please go on my behalf and tell me just how magical it is to share in this ritual.

It got me thinking about this poem that was written in the very beginning of the pandemic. Way back when, NPR’s Morning Edition asked for its listeners to share a line of poetry. With all of these snippets of poetry, Kwame Alexander created this gorgeous poem If The Trees Can Keep Dancing, So Can I.

I have a few friends who also host weekly Facebook threads where their friends and followers are invited to shout — IN ALL CAPS (if they so choose) — their joys and sorrows without critique but without directing their shouting at anyone else.

I wondered about combining these two wonders and inviting you you share one line of prayer. I’m not going to ground it in anything like NPR did. You know why you are screaming. You know why you are at the end of the rope. I don’t need to fill in the gaps on that — so I’ll only ask for one line of prayer that I might be put together in one PRAYER FOR EVERY SCREAM.

You’re welcome to send lines here or comment below with your one line of prayer. Or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Whatever works. No qualifiers. No explanation. You have every reason to scream and God can surely handle it. God welcomes it. Go ahead and SCREAM! Don’t overthink it. JUST SCREAM.


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