Recipes for Ministry

IMG_0846I’ve dreamed about impossible things for so many years. Now, as I marry and begin a whole new chapter, it’s time for possible things.

It’s time to start cooking with whatever might be in the pantry to realize the hope and wonder of what God might be doing right now. We don’t know what the future will bring. We don’t know what institutional religion will look like anymore than we know the future of the church. There is much to fear but there is so much to create.

There is adventure to be had and it all starts in the kitchen. In the pages of this blog, you’ll find some recipes for ministry. You’ll find some thoughts and ideas and other things that I’ve scribbled in the notes of my cookbooks. Each one of these recipes includes an actual recipe card that looks something like this.

It’s not just a recipe card though. It comes with some reflection and ideas for how to cook up some wonder as you can see from the post on the Recipe for a Pandemic Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. I don’t confess to know what I’m making all of the time. But, I know this for sure: no matter what happens, we’ll taste and see how good God is.