From My Kitchen

Ministry has allowed me to cook up lots of wonderful things. Here you’ll find some of the ideas and resources of which I’m particularly proud and eager to offer to support and nurture other communities of faith.

Resources for Prayer

CoverPrayer Partners 
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Most of us don’t know how to begin to pray — and far too many are looking for the perfect practice or method. But, there no such thing. Prayer Partners is a friend who will join you on the journey – who will encourage you and nudge you when you’re not doing the things you said you needed. It’s someone that will laugh and cry with you in prayer. It’s someone to talk to about what it means to be a Christian in a changing world. It’s not a method but a relationship.

This resource seeks to guide individuals, pastors and others looking to partner in prayer through the the journey of partnering in prayer.

Resources for Small Groups

doDo You Have An Idea for a Small Group Ministry?
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In eight simple steps, this generic outline provides a simple how to for any lay person to begin to imagine and lead their own small group ministry. Starting with an idea, it lays the groundwork toward realizing growth and renewal for a new group within the life of any congregation.

book studyRacism Book Study
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This book study especially for congregations and clergy is organized into four conversations inspired by Bruce Reyes-Chow’s But I Don’t See You as Asian: Curating Conversations About Race.

In the wake of Ferguson, Staten Island and Baltimore, a group of white clergy tried to imagine a kind of radical vulnerability where they might hold each other accountable to their own racism. This is where this book study began. These questions were shared across internet connections and many miles as white clergy tried to do something that they didn’t truly know how to do. It’s in that spirit that you are invited to curate your own conversations about race.

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Future of the Church Book Study
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Churches of every shape and size know that something has changed. We all see it but we all struggle to name. This wonderful brief book and discussion guide invites reading groups to imagine a future for their church and answer the question asked over and over again in this book: What is our mission?

Imagine the future of your church and every church in this study exploring the newly elected General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ, John Dorhauer’s book Beyond Resistance: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World.


CoverToward Transformation: A Lenten Discovery
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This year, you are invited to move toward transformation. Move toward transformation by choosing one thing — just one thing — in your life that you want to change.

In this six-week study, following the readings from the Book of Psalms in Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary, you’ll move through the wide array of human emotion in the Psalms as you realize the power of Resurrection in your very own body.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a group within or outside of a congregation to find greater connection with their own bodies, each other and God during the Season of Lent.

Cooking Collaborations

Rise Up!Rise Up | Spirituality for the Resistance
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In the midst of progressive Christians finding their voice again, I was thrilled to contribute to this new devotional compiled by a fantastic team of 30 pastors, faith leaders and activists written for those that are committed to answering the call to Rise Up for justice.

Whether you’re leading a justice effort at church or headed to the nearest protest, resistance work can be spiritually exhausting. Rise Up is a year’s worth of devotions to keep you burning bright without burning out. Devotion titles include:
Naps of the Bible
Stomp on Satan
Is My Work Enough?
Hope is a Verb

That last title is something I wrote! 52 reflections for the 52 weeks of advocacy in a year inspire and challenge to continue in the struggle. A sample can be found here. Edited by Vince Amlin, Marchaé Grair, and Christina Villa.