Who is Cooking

cwvDm9asA3Lw9bOGQfl5esWDJpAIt is no secret that I adore food. I love dinner parties and planning menus. I relish in perfectly pairing food with wine. I am what you might call a foodie. Some don’t like that term. Some think it’s snobby.

I think Jesus was onto something when he started talking about the “bread of life” and “the fruit of the vine” so much so that I invite you to pull up a chair and cook with me. Let’s see what those mustard seeds and unleavened bread can really do. Of course, you know, this isn’t really a food blog but a play on words because my name is Elsa Cook.

I am an ordained minister in the  United Church of Christ who fell in love with a artillery man in the US Army who loves food and wine as much as I do. (It’s actually my beloved who does most of the wine pairing at our dinner parties.) We got married in June of 2016 and now have two little girls that occupy most of my time.

We have moved four times since we decided to shape a future together and are preparing for another move in the summer of 2021. Moving that much has meant that serving a local congregation is just not possible. We aren’t in one place long enough. Life has been full of wonderful surprises and I’m excited to see what wonders we can cook up together.

It’s gonna be amazing and I invite you along for the adventure.

Roll up your sleeves and cook with me.