Pandemic Worship Planning Ahead

I’ve peppered my little internet home with Ingredients for Worship during this strange season of life and liturgy. Most of these posts have landed midweek when I remember to do so because I suddenly realize what day it is. That’s not how things go in ministry. You, dear pastor, are a planner. Or you’re tryingContinue reading “Pandemic Worship Planning Ahead”

Silent Prayers for All Saints Day

As #metoo¬†trends on social media, and stories that have been kept as secrets are spoken aloud, I’m keenly feeling the hurt and trauma that has made so many quiet for so many years. The resounding chorus that seems to lash out in response to say “you’re doing it wrong” or even worse “I don’t believeContinue reading “Silent Prayers for All Saints Day”

Half-Baked Ideas for All Saints Day

On Sunday, I went to church. I sat in the pews to worship. But, before worship even began, there was a wave of sadness that fell over that gathering of God’s people. There were words of thanks offered, gratitude for the hospitality that had been offered earlier in the week in the midst of twoContinue reading “Half-Baked Ideas for All Saints Day”

The Warmth of God’s Saints

All Saints is one of my very, very favorite liturgical celebrations. It is a ritual that was introduced to me in the liturgical laboratory of my seminary. Sitting in James Memorial Chapel, I experienced for the very first time what it means to call upon such a great cloud of witnesses. Tears rolled down myContinue reading “The Warmth of God’s Saints”

For All the Saints

There are two days on the church calendar when I simply cannot preach. There are two days when I know that my emotions will get the better of me — and I will likely not be able to proclaim the resurrection that I so need to hear. One of these days is not liturgical. It’sContinue reading “For All the Saints”