Our Theology Must Change: A Reading List

Since horrible things have transpired — yet again — I’ve seen a series of reading lists appear. I am an avid reader and it is usually my gut reaction to understand world events. When the twin towers fell in New York City, I started reading up on Islam. I wanted to understand what didn’t makeContinue reading “Our Theology Must Change: A Reading List”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 28, 2015

This Sunday the Narrative Lectionary leads us into the words of Psalm 40:1-10 as we continue to focus on the Psalms offered by Working Preacher. There is another reading to pair this one in Luke 17:11-19 but it seems I can’t get excited about these alternate readings as I’ve skipped them every week. This particular psalm seems like it could be pairedContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 28, 2015”