One Worship Bulletin for the Whole Summer

When I was writing pandemic prayers, I thought to offered this blessing. I thought I did but I can’t find where I mentioned it even if I never offered a resource. That changes now because this is such an easy way to make space for more daydreaming, planning, pastoral visits and plain old rest inContinue reading “One Worship Bulletin for the Whole Summer”

Backpack Blessings in Coronatide

In my first attempt at brainstorming for worship planning in the pandemic, I wondered how many blessings there might be as the school year begins. I wondered if there will not only be the usual backpack blessings but also blessings for teachers and parents (and other caregivers). It could be a whole service. Or itContinue reading “Backpack Blessings in Coronatide”

Worship with Fire

This is a tough week. The words from the Revised Common Lectionary that will inspire our worship this Sunday are hard. It is hard not to feel like a finger is being pointed directly at you. It’s hard not to feel judged. It’s difficult to feel like there is any bit of grace, but thereContinue reading “Worship with Fire”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday July 5, 2015

This Sunday the Narrative Lectionary leads us into the words of Psalm 146 as we continue to focus on the Psalms offered by Working Preacher. There is another reading to pair this one in Luke 7:18-23 but I haven’t used these pairings for the past five weeks. Why would I start now? This wisdom from Rolf Jacobson rings particularly true for me asContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday July 5, 2015”