Normal People Don’t Talk about Death So Much

Does anyone really have that many stories about funerals? That’s what I was thinking as she told the third story. Was it really the third funeral story? I tried to retrace the steps of our conversation seated there in the convalescent ward. She’d said something about both her son and her husband. That was one andContinue reading “Normal People Don’t Talk about Death So Much”

Bridging the Civilian-Military Divide

Just recently, Time Magazine published an article entitled Bridging the Civilian-Military Divide With Stories. I love stories thought as I eagerly clicked on the article. Because I want — more than anything — to figure out how to bridge this divide. For so many years, I’ve been a pacifist. That fact hasn’t changed. I’m still aContinue reading “Bridging the Civilian-Military Divide”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 19, 2015

Over the weekend, I saw Woman in Gold. Throughout the film, even in the most subtle of moments, there is this question about how an individual or a nation participates in Nazism. Is it just something that happened? Are our ancestors to be blamed? Or did they actively take part? How do you atone forContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 19, 2015”