Interview Questions for the Searching Pastor

Spring is in the air and change seems to be sprouting in every which direction. Colleagues are quietly talking about their discernment. Questions are being asked about how to leave a ministry well and I admit I don’t have solid answers. I have left two churches and I’m still not sure I have done itContinue reading “Interview Questions for the Searching Pastor”

A Failure of Imagination

On the same day when my article appeared on New Sacred about how a progressive faith isn’t defined by issues, Susan Jacoby was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air. It was in fact just yesterday. Just yesterday, on my way home from the gym, I caught the end of Terry Gross’s interview with Jacoby. She’s the author of the newContinue reading “A Failure of Imagination”

Interviewing Tips for the Pastor Who Has Never Used Skype

An earlier version of this article appeared on Fidelia’s Sisters¬†under the title Meet the Search Committee. An updated version follows. I admit that I miss the days of the phone interview. When I first began in ministry, I never had to worry about what I was wearing for the first interview with a church IContinue reading “Interviewing Tips for the Pastor Who Has Never Used Skype”