Pandemic Prayers for Epiphany 5

The other night I read such encouraging words from the editors of the New York Times reminding us again that we shouldn’t get caught up in the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. It’s not even infections that scientists are worried about with such things, but their focus is on the tally of deaths and hospitalizations. ThoseContinue reading “Pandemic Prayers for Epiphany 5”

An Advent Invocation

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to offer weekly prayers? That is still my intention but it seems that I cannot write Christmas Eve without first wandering into the lamentation and hope of Advent. I have been working on a service for the Longest Night and Christmas Eve but couldn’t quite get into theContinue reading “An Advent Invocation”

Pandemic Prayers for Proper 21

It has been a bad week. Can we admit that? Can we conspire in that little bit of honesty? A lot of bad shit is happening. I’m not sorry for my language. I am mad and you’re probably mad too. There are countless things that might make you feel like bashing your head against aContinue reading “Pandemic Prayers for Proper 21”