Adventures in the Tulips from The Hague and Haarlem with Kids

When it became clear that my husband wasn’t going to be able to join us on spring break, I became clear on two things. We would definitely be taking the train on this adventure and I really wanted to bike through the tulips with my kids. Seeing the tulips in Holland in the weeks surroundingContinue reading “Adventures in the Tulips from The Hague and Haarlem with Kids”

Adventures in Porto with Kids

Our little family was eager to explore Portugal but once I started researching what we might see and do, it became clear we could spend weeks meandering the coast. As lovers of wine, my husband and I knew we wanted to go to Porto but our first thought was not to spend an entire weekContinue reading “Adventures in Porto with Kids”

A Hopeful Lent

Where are you finding hope? What does hope look like for you right now? In my own struggle with whether or not to get dressed in the morning, I know that I’m struggling to find hope. It feel like a nice idea or even like something that we once had. Maybe even something we willContinue reading “A Hopeful Lent”

Thirty Three Years Later

Last night, my baby girl couldn’t sleep. It has been many months since she was up every two hours but last night she returned to this familiar routine. She wasn’t always hungry. It seemed that she just wanted to know I was there. It had only been a dream. It was only some trick ofContinue reading “Thirty Three Years Later”

Grief and Parenting, Part 5678

I didn’t take my daughters to my mother’s grave.  I meant to. It was something that I intended to do while we were in the area for my sister’s wedding. My brother had even asked if we could go together. That was something we hadn’t done since he and I were small children, but itContinue reading “Grief and Parenting, Part 5678”