How Things Change

Not long ago, I wanted to give up. Or I felt like I wanted to give up. I’m really not much of a quitter. I’m too damn stubborn. But, I was frustrated and my energy for this project was waning. How things change. Almost immediately after I published that post, my little internet home forContinue reading “How Things Change”

Wanting to Give Up

It’s true. Over the past few weeks, when I haven’t been posting about my latest escapades of entrepreneurial ministry, I have wanted to give up. I have wanted to throw in the towel. I have seriously contemplated why I ever thought this might be possible. There was the first blow a couple weeks ago whereContinue reading “Wanting to Give Up”

Doing A New Thing: What Am I Doing?

If you have been following along, you’ll remember that I first posted this laundry list of activity with 5,000 accomplishments toward realizing this ministry. (Ok, not really 5,000.) I omitted that this took me a few weeks. Then, the following week, there were not quite so many accomplishments. I’m not exactly sure¬†how to explain whatContinue reading “Doing A New Thing: What Am I Doing?”

Doing A New Thing: Still Doing It

Remember how last week, when I concluded my first post in this new series, I stupidly said:¬†Check back and see if that actually happens or if the moving vans change all of my plans. Yes, well, #mistakesweremade. What I didn’t realize about moving in the military is that moving would suck up three days ofContinue reading “Doing A New Thing: Still Doing It”

Welcome to My New Series: Doing a New Thing

Two weeks ago, I concluded my ministry at The United Churches of Olympia. It is over. It’s hard to believe but it’s over. On Tuesday, the moving van will arrive to pack up all my things before they move them away on Wednesday. It is my first experience of what the military calls a permanentContinue reading “Welcome to My New Series: Doing a New Thing”