Fear, Love and Another Supreme Court Decision

Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided by a 5-4 vote to uphold the ban on transgender service members fulfilling their call to service in the United States military. It was said by one woman just four years short of retirement in the Navy that this decision “speaks volumes about where we are as a country.” ThisContinue reading “Fear, Love and Another Supreme Court Decision”

Prayer for National Coming Out Day

I have failed the past few weeks. Did you notice? There were no new ingredients for worship the past two weeks. Or was it three? I’m not sure I have an excuse. I could give you one but I’m not sure that any explanation will make a difference. Today I am in the middle ofContinue reading “Prayer for National Coming Out Day”

After Orlando

I don’t want to point fingers or try to provide rationale. I don’t have any words to make sense of how¬†someone could walk into a nightclub and open fire shattering the lights and the music and 50 lives¬†in any town, but it happened in Orlando on Saturday night. Others will do that. Others will useContinue reading “After Orlando”