A Monk in the World

Somewhere along the way, I stumbled upon Abbey of the Arts.  Sometime later, I subscribed an e-newsletter from this blogger.  These emails always seem to arrive when I need them.  They poke at my own spiritual journey.  They expose that awareness of the divine that I had somehow neglected or ignored.

That’s exactly what happened when I received this Invitation to Poetry. I had previously read the Monk Manifesto — but hadn’t really focused upon it. Sure. I’m aware of my own growing need to explore my spirituality with others. I don’t just want to talk about beliefs, but how we choose to reveal those beliefs in the actions we take.  I’m keenly aware of how important ancient practices — like hospitality and keeping sabbath — are to my own spiritual journey. Moreover, I know that it’s not just me. Our church people are hunting for itOur kids require it. But, somehow, these words didn’t grab me until the question was asked: “Where was your inner monk born?”

So, I offer to all that is holy, the words have been invited from my heart.

words rush in
feeling more like lyrics
hunting for a melody
to begin a story
to begin where it all began.

she thought it had to be separate
isolated and alone
if it were shared
it would no longer
be sacred
or holy
or even dear.
but words rushed in
like wind
like flaming tongues
like birth pangs
that her holy text always made to be so violent
(but it wasn’t)
it was bliss
to no longer be silent
or disfigured by what others needed her faith to be.
(no. no. no.)

she was born anew
when the words rushed in.

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