Let Go

The prompt from #Reverb10 today is to explore that thing or that person that you have let go of this year. I don’t really want to answer this question.  I don’t want it to appear in black and white because it’s hard enough to deal with in my interior life.  My friends know the story and the heartache — and the wounds that are still healing.  I am indeed trying to let go but it’s not easy.  It’s never easy.

I’m not going to tell you the story.  Not here.

Micah 4.8-13 by Rev. Elsa A. Peters

Instead, I’ll tell you about this prayer from last year.  In the midst of Advent last year, I drew this prayer meditating on Micah 4:8-13.  It was emblematic of what I was feeling last year.  (It was symbolic, people.  I wasn’t pregnant.) And then, things changed.  Very quickly.  And it hurt too much to see this image.  I couldn’t understand how I could have been so wrong.  But I was.  I was.

One year later, this will be the Christmas card I send into the world.  Now, I’m really ready for this image.  I’m ready for it to mean all that it can.  It wasn’t what I expected when I first put pen to page.  I let go.  I guess.  Now, it means something else.  And speaks even more loudly about who I want to be.

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