When I read the prompt from #Reverb10 this morning on my Blackberry, I whispered the answer before even thinking.  There’s only one answer to this question.  What is one things I appreciate about this year?  What is the one thing that I have come to appreciate the most? It is without question my friends.  They keep me sane.  They put up with the fact that I don’t return calls. They send me messages on Facebook to share the love.  I am particularly appreciative of my friend Teri right now.  

Teri has given me a rare gift this Advent in sending daily reminders of why she loves me.  And I need to hear that.  We all do.  We all need to remember (even when we feel unloved) that we are in fact loved.  Teri has offered me daily reminders this Advent to share this simple truth that I need to hear.  Teri has done more that that though.  This year, she came to Maine for her birthday retreat.  She brought three other young clergy women with her.  While I worked at church, they sat in my home and read books.  They plotted and ate soup.  Teri wanted to spend this particular birthday in my hospitality.  She’s one of those stubborn friends.  When I’m introverted (which Teri will point out to you as she’s traveled to Scotland with me and seen how insanely introverted I really am), she arrives and insists that I come out of my shell.  And I do.  I don’t always like it but I do.  

Teri has been one of those friends that has reminded me what friendship really is.  These people that you allow into your lives become your chosen family.  They become part of the fabric of your life and they are indeed what make life rich and vibrant.  These are things I knew.  Certainly I knew these things to be true, but I needed a reminder so that I could truly believe what is said in this well-intentioned comment on to today’s Fidelia’s Sisters The Holiday Season AgainIndeed.  Dear commenter, you’re right.  These people are my family because they give me the rare and mysterious gift of their love — and for this I’m much more than appreciative.

5 thoughts on “Appreciate

  1. As I came across this again in my google reader, I thought I'd also just point out that I have really great hair in that photo. And so I add Jackie, my new hair stylist (since Arthur retired) to my list of people whom I appreciate–just after all of you! 🙂


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