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So it happened in the beginning of this month. I heard the prayer request of one of our middle school youth regarding her peer. It never hit the news. It was all very quiet — but that student in that school on my heart and in all our prayers was a victim of bullying.

This simply shouldn’t be.

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I didn’t know what to do. I knew I had to do something. Beyond all of the prayers I could utter, I needed to do something to help our kids feel safer and more loved.  I knew there must be something more that I could do.  So, I started typing — and all of the sudden there was this additional curriculum to accompany our Seasons and the Spirit resources.  I told a few friends about it.  They wanted it for their churches.  So, it will be used in a few congregations in New England.  I wondered if other churches might need this sort of support.  

So, I called Jan Ressenger, the United Church of Christ Minister for Public Education and Witness, in Cleveland.  She was overjoyed and posted the materials on the website today.  

Please go and download a copy for your congregation.  This Lent, stop bullying in our churches and in our larger communities.

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