Blessing for World Communion

Things are starting to get a little exciting as we prepare for Mission:1 at church. The small group imagining the impossible things that we’ll do to end hunger during 11 days wants to build enthusiasm now. (By the way, I will always love the United Church of Christ for thinking that crazy things like this are possible.) So, we’re trying to build momentum with sharing statistics. Apparently, statistics get people excited. They make me a little bored and overwhelmed but that’s the direction we’re heading here.

So, this small group asked me to write something for our celebration of World Communion Sunday. Amid all of the other prayers from the global community, I wasn’t sure where this would fit so I ended up writing a blessing for the end of the feast after we’ve shared bread from Eurasia, Africa, Veitnam, and North America. I share it here in the event that it helps anyone else try to make these connections as we get excited about these 11 days in November. Oh, and I should add that the statistics all come from Bread for the World.

We have come to this table from Indonesia, New Zealand, Eurasia, Africa, Veitnam, and North America. We have come to experience the mystery of God in bread and in cup – though we struggle to see that mystery revealed in the hunger we see throughout our world.

We know the reality of our world. We come to this feast with our sisters in the horn of Africa where a two-year drought that has left 12.4 million people starving. We come to this meal with the hope of our friends in Veitnam who’ve experienced a growth spurt that has reduced the level of poverty to 16% in 2006. We come to find the mystery of God’s presence in bread and cup with the 400 million people around our world living on less than $1.25.

We have come to this table as members of the United Church of Christ. We have seen God’s bounty. We have tasted God’s love. We know that it is indeed possible – even in our broken world – that all may be one. We will carry this hope into the eleven powerful days in November where we will join the whole United Church of Christ in imagining that hunger can end in our lifetime. This will be our mission. This will be our hope for the whole world – and we know that we have work to do, but for now, we commune with the mysterious presence of God discovered again in this meal.

May you find God speaking to you in each morsel.

May you find God calling to you in each sip.

May you find the strength to change the world with the hope you find in each meal.

May it be so.

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