7 Billion

The title of my sermon for this Sunday is simply: One. This is a stark contrast to today’s news that there are presently 7 billion people in the world. What is one person in the midst of 7 billion? What makes one person stand out? What makes one person unique? What makes one person matter? That’s my question this week.

In the same news article, the National Geographic has an insight to the lowest common denominator. Watch the YouTube video. It’s good stuff even though it won’t embed here.

It’s interesting but I don’t think it’s what Jesus means when he prays may we all be one. I don’t think we’re looking for averages or medians. I think Jesus calls us to find unity in our diversity. I don’t think that makes it any easier. It may even make it harder to imagine how we find greater connection through our uniqueness. In fact, I think that might be the hardest thing of all.

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