Little Miracles

Earlier tonight, I was shelling peas and marveling at how intricate those little peas are. Aren’t they beautiful? They are so precious and it just reminds me how precious life is. This was many of the mundane tasks of my day that turned into a series of prayer petitions.

After dinner, I started scrolling through my blog reader to discover that my aunt has posted again. Her blog is Gastronomical Three which she started a few years ago with two friends to write about food. However, a year ago, my aunt went on an innocent bike ride with her hubby and five year-old only to fall off her bike and suffer a severe head injury. (Wear a helmet. Seriously.) Since that day, we have all been praying for Maria to make a full recovery. It wasn’t clear she was going to make it. And then, a few weeks ago, I read this post where she tells the story of her accident. I wept with joy and delight. Indeed, life is precious. And sometimes, it isn’t precious for any other reason that the sheer miracle of being alive. So, tonight, I’m thankful for life and it’s mystery. I’m thankful for little miracles. But, mostly, I’m thankful for Maria’s continued precious life.

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