What I’m Reading

In Leisurely Lectionary this morning, a church member mentioned an article that I posted on Facebook. At first, it seemed completely and totally unrelated to the text we were studying — at least to my ears. Honestly, I think I was more shocked that church members are paying attention to what I post on Facebook. Nonetheless, some conversation began and continued in our study this morning. This led those that are not on Facebook (and understandably refuse to submit to social media) to request that I post in our weekly email those things that I stumble across on the internet that grab my attention.

Before the weekly email runs next week, I’m taking a practice run at this by sharing those articles here. Here it goes.

11 Traits of Churches That Will Impact the Future. This is the article that appeared in our conversation this morning. It offers what so many Christian bloggers do these days and creates a bulleted list as if there are 10, 11 or 12 things that create a Christian community. Nonetheless, it’s a good list and it articulates many of the things that I’m working toward at The United Churches of Olympia (or TUCO).

I am totally *that* mom. I love this. It misses on only one point. It matters to those of us that don’t have kids or have kids all grown up or live in places where everyone is the same age (55+) to see your kids in worship. Because it teaches us every Sunday about the love of God. God’s love is so big.

A Case for Hope. I needed to read these words. As someone that is so process oriented in the work that I do, but seldom in my personal life, I needed to hear the reminder repeated here again and again: It’s too soon to tell.

The revolving door. This was sent by the conference minister of the Pacific Northwest Conference. In all honesty, it baffles me that church members haven’t noticed this. But I think I have this reaction because I am one of the young people that she describes. It’s a cultural shift that I represent so it doesn’t seem quite so odd to me.

Belief is at Least Part of Faith. This woman has just come out with a recent book and thus has been invited to write multiple columns on faith for the New York Times. I’m not sure how I feel about her — but this article speaks to the challenge I experience in progressive churches like TUCO where our members and friends have a really hard time moving from their heads to their hearts.

It’s a start. We’ll see what else I can find before the email goes out. Right now, I should really write my sermon. While I attempt to write, might I ask: what are you reading?

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