Writing for Lent

There are a lot of practices that one can explore during Lent. This year, I plan on writing more. I’m not going to be quite so insane to think that I’ll write every day — but instead that I’ll find the space to write something that won’t be preached on Sunday or appear in the church newsletter or even something penned in my journal. I miss writing and I haven’t given myself permission to indulge in this passion. It’s something I long to resurrect.
Most of these words won’t appear on my blog because let’s be honest, I also need to give myself to permission to heed Anne Lamott’s advice to listen my broccoli. And I won’t do that if it appears here. I will, however, post this here publicly so that you can ask me, “How’s your Lenten practice going?” which I hope will not result me in placing my face in my palm.

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