Sermon: Anything Good

Last week, as I was preparing to preach this sermon, I sat with a retired clergy member of my congregation where I asked her about how she’s preached this particular Sunday. This Martin Luther King Day. This Sunday I’ve been thinking about since Trayvon Martin was murdered. At that point, and as you’ll find in the manuscript, I couldn’t find a way to quote Dr. King. I had read his Letter from the Birmingham Jail earlier that week. I had pulled a quote for the bulletin and another I thought would fit in my sermon. But, I couldn’t make it fit. It just felt out of place.

And so, this sermon may not have all of the markings of a sermon for a sermon on the Third Sunday of January. But, it’s the sermon God gave me to dare to believe that there will be greater things than these. It’s the sermon that emerged from Nathaneal’s question, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” It’s my sermon from John 1:43-51.

And it’s a video.

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