Twelve Years

201412547f33f67b137As you may already know, I’m filling in as Guest Minister at Community Congregational Church in Short Hills, NJ.

I preached this past Sunday on Mark 5:21-43. You can find the audio of the sermon entitled Twelve Years on the church website. Please click here. There’s also a video if you follow that same link.

This sermon is part of a summer preaching series exploring the Pathways to Christ. The theme for this week was In Christ I am… Fragile — though I was preaching on the theme In Christ I am… Empowered. Because I apparently wrote down the wrong thing. So it goes.

If you happen to be in Short Hills, or even nearby, please join us! Worship is at 9:30 am. You won’t see me there every Sunday but I hope you’ll join us. Here are some directions to find the church.

2 thoughts on “Twelve Years

  1. Elsa, I would love more info on this preaching series like the themes and texts used. It sounds really interesting! Thanks for all your work – as I find your site helpful to get my brain moving each week.


    1. Thanks so much Anna! The series is not of my own creation but one of the pastor of the church I’m assisting. If you click on the link, it’ll give the slimmest of explanations. It is the best I can offer you! Sorry I can’t offer more!


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