Officially Mrs. Cook

There are still so many thank you cards to write and I still have no idea how to sign my new name but one month ago, I got married. It really happened.

It doesn’t feel like it now because my husband and I are living in different places. He is at his next post settling into our new home and I’ve moved into a friend’s guest room so that I can conclude this chapter of interim ministry with the church I’m serving and can help out a friend who has just welcomed the newest member of her family in the world.

We had an awesome wedding exactly 30 days ago. It was perfect in every way. The venue was beautiful. The food was amazing. There wasn’t too much family drama even with the amount of delicious wine that was being poured. And the band got us dancing. I have no regrets about any of the decisions that we made even if it was a little too hot and there were a few people I really wanted to be there that couldn’t make it because I decided to have a stupid destination wedding. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing.

People keep asking me for pictures. I don’t have them. Not yet. Our photographers are still perfecting everything and though we hope to see those pictures soon,  we haven’t seen them yet. But, I do some pretty great photos snapped by family and friends. You’ve already seen the one of me and my dad way up there at the top of this post but here are a few more from our perfect day.

Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes waiting in the local Social Security Administration office and changed my name. Really, it just took 20 minutes! And so, it’s actually official. I am legally now Elsa Anders Cook which you may have known was going to happen because you noticed that I relaunched my blog a few months ago with this new name. I really thought I’d written an actual blog post announcing the relaunch but I can’t seem to find one. Still, you can find some proof of that here.

And now, it’s more than a page on my blog. It’s my legal name and we are married.

I am officially Mrs. Cook.


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