Ingredients for Ascension Sunday Communion

As I was trying to fall asleep last night and the baby growing inside of me was kicking my insides with every bit of strength she’s got, I realized that I had agreed to preside over communion on Sunday. I thought briefly of winging it, but then I thought better of it. I love toContinue reading “Ingredients for Ascension Sunday Communion”

Premonitions of Grief

Yesterday, another United Church of Christ pastor dared to ask a group of her colleagues and friends if we share in her experience of receiving premonitions. Stories bubbled up from within this trusted circle as much as they bubbled up in me. I have had writer’s block. I have struggled every day this week toContinue reading “Premonitions of Grief”

The Only Hope for America

Most everything I know about democracy I’ve learned in church. It is in my particular tradition of being church that I’ve had the chance to practice all of the values and ideals that democracy claims. Mine is the tradition that birthed democracy. They were not perfect people but they came seeking freedom. They came looking forContinue reading “The Only Hope for America”

Recipe for the Future Church

Every time we dare to talk about what the future of the church will be it feels like cooking. It feels like we are trying to divine a recipe — wondering if a dash of this or a pinch of that might just do the trick. In fact, most of ministry feels like that. Together,Continue reading “Recipe for the Future Church”

Published, Printed and Praying

More and more, I’m answering the call to write. So much so that I seem to be writing about writing. This seems a tad ridiculous so I hope you’ll forgive me for this — but here I go again writing about writing. You’ve already heard about the columns I’ve been contributing to the new United ChurchContinue reading “Published, Printed and Praying”

A Few Good Things

Just two weeks ago, I ventured to Cape Cod to officiate the wedding of one of my college friends. And you know what? Weddings are fun. I say this as someone who is super busy planning her own wedding and has a bit of grief about it. So, it’s a little bit of a reminder. Weddings are fun.Continue reading “A Few Good Things”

That Reverberation in My Soul

A true call — that which is a true reflection of one’s vocation which Frederick Buechner so well surmised to be the “place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet” — must be a call where the totality of your deep gladness reverberates. As much as I can say this, it’s hardContinue reading “That Reverberation in My Soul”

How Things Change

Not long ago, I wanted to give up. Or I felt like I wanted to give up. I’m really not much of a quitter. I’m too damn stubborn. But, I was frustrated and my energy for this project was waning. How things change. Almost immediately after I published that post, my little internet home forContinue reading “How Things Change”

Help Me Get the Word Out

There is a saved draft of a new post as part of my series about Doing a New Thing in this military ministry that I’m imagining. There are lots of things that I’m eager to share and new things that I’m eager to try — but I’m not yet ready to hit publish that particularContinue reading “Help Me Get the Word Out”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 14, 2015

This Sunday seems like a huge departure from last Sunday. We find ourselves in Psalm 69:1-16 as we continue to focus on the Psalms offered by Working Preacher. The Narrative Lectionary offers the the option to pair this reading with Matthew 7:7-11 but I’m skipping it… again. Instead, it this the connection to the Exodus story that jumps out of this passageContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 14, 2015”