Published, Printed and Praying

More and more, I’m answering the call to write. So much so that I seem to be writing about writing. This seems a tad ridiculous so I hope you’ll forgive me for this — but here I go again writing about writing.

You’ve already heard about the columns I’ve been contributing to the new United Church of Christ blog New Sacred. So that’s old news though maybe you haven’t seen my newest article over there. If not, you’ll find it here. My most recent article is about spinning plates. Go figure.

CHReader-Fall-2015-Cover-Med-Res-RGBThe other bit of writing I have been doing was for the Church Health Reader which my dear friend from seminary edits. For the current issue on trauma, I wrote a bit about the amazing ways that churches are creating sacred, holy, healing spaces for the veteran community. You can find the Fall 2015 issue here. Or better still, please subscribe to this wonderful magazine.

In the programs and models piece I wrote, I interviewed three different projects from the a really big church’s ministry called RezVets to two United Church of Christ pastors following their passions within and beyond their local churches. I created a piece of artwork to accompany the article. It’s a black and white sketch of one of the healing circles shared by one of these amazing ministries. The artwork is called Circle of Trust. It is my hope to use my Etsy shop ::May It Be So:: to offer a contribution to the smallest and newest of these amazing ministries. I will donate 50% of the sale of this piece of artwork to support the good work of the Touchstone Veterans Outreach at St. Andrew’s United Church of Christ. Find the listing for my original artwork here.

I can’t even put words to how amazing this ministry is but I hope you’ll read the article and get just a taste. You can find the Church Health Reader article online here. If the article inspires you, I hope you’ll click over to my Etsy shop and purchase Circle of Trust to show our resounding support for this good work. After all, it’s Veteran’s Day, and we should do more than say thank you — as I was reminded this morning here.

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