The Hill of the Lord

J A S M I N EThis Sunday is one of the days in our liturgical calendar when I would rather be sitting in the back of the Sanctuary quietly praying. But, I am called to preach. I’m called to guide myself and others through the holy mystery of communion with all of the saints.

Over the summer, when I wasn’t doing much church work, I wrote weekly prayers for the narrative lectionary. It was something I called Liturgical Lights. Now that I’m serving a church as an interim pastor, I have less time to devote to writing liturgy that I won’t use on Sunday. So it’s back to the Revised Common Lectionary to be inspired by the words in Psalm 24.

This is the Call to Worship that I wrote for this coming Sunday.

One: Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord?
All: This is the question we ask on All Saints Day. 
One: On this day, when we give thanks for those that have encouraged us in faith, we wonder if we can stand in such a holy place. We might not have the clean hands and pure hearts but still we come to worship..
All: We come to receive a blessing from the Lord.
One: For this earth is the Lord’s.
All that is in it belongs to God.
All: We who live in this world climb the holy mountain together. Let us worship our God. 

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