We Cry for Help

Just a few Sundays after Easter, Psalm 30 leads us into worship. I wrote this for the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways for another season on another day. Nevertheless, it would still fit well on Easter 3C. I’ve adapted it only slightly — and by adapting it, I mean that I threw in an “alleluia” because IContinue reading “We Cry for Help”

Transfiguration Communion

After writing this liturgy this morning, I am more convinced than ever that we should never, ever celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ without communion. Doesn’t this ritual hit all of the high notes captured in the mystery of this story? This particular liturgy could be adopted for any cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary. IContinue reading “Transfiguration Communion”

Heavens Are Opened

This Sunday marks one of my favorite liturgical celebrations where water is flung across the Sanctuary and we each remember our baptisms. It is the Baptism of Christ as we remember it told in Luke 3:15-17, 21-22. As our heavens are opened to remember this call to discipleship again, here is a Call to Worship thatContinue reading “Heavens Are Opened”

Litany for the Birth on Christmas

It was raining all today and I was generally uninspired but sat my butt down in the chair and wrote the liturgy for Christmas Eve. Though I’m currently serving a congregation as an interim pastor, I was hired after I’d made plans for a family vacation in Italy for Christmas — so I will notContinue reading “Litany for the Birth on Christmas”

Advent and Christmas Candle Liturgies

Today and yesterday, I’ve read some really beautiful liturgies from friends and colleagues preparing for Advent. Check out the beautiful liturgies written by my friends Teri and Martha. Advent is only three Sundays away. Three Sundays. And it was 77 degrees outside yesterday. I don’t care. I’ll still crank up the Christmas carols and prepare for the coming ofContinue reading “Advent and Christmas Candle Liturgies”

The Hill of the Lord

This Sunday is one of the days in our liturgical calendar when I would rather be sitting in the back of the Sanctuary quietly praying. But, I am called to preach. I’m called to guide myself and others through the holy mystery of communion with all of the saints. Over the summer, when I wasn’t doing muchContinue reading “The Hill of the Lord”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday July 5, 2015

This Sunday the Narrative Lectionary leads us into the words of Psalm 146 as we continue to focus on the Psalms offered by Working Preacher. There is another reading to pair this one in Luke 7:18-23 but I haven’t used these pairings for the past five weeks. Why would I start now? This wisdom from Rolf Jacobson rings particularly true for me asContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday July 5, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 28, 2015

This Sunday the Narrative Lectionary leads us into the words of Psalm 40:1-10 as we continue to focus on the Psalms offered by Working Preacher. There is another reading to pair this one in Luke 17:11-19 but it seems I can’t get excited about these alternate readings as I’ve skipped them every week. This particular psalm seems like it could be pairedContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 28, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 21, 2015

The Narrative Lectionary leads us to pray over the words of Psalm 27 on June 21, 2015. It happens that it’s Father’s Day but this is not a liturgical holiday. I got a lot of flack for this two months ago when I said this about Mother’s Day — but it’s still true for the dads. There is soContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 21, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 14, 2015

This Sunday seems like a huge departure from last Sunday. We find ourselves in Psalm 69:1-16 as we continue to focus on the Psalms offered by Working Preacher. The Narrative Lectionary offers the the option to pair this reading with Matthew 7:7-11 but I’m skipping it… again. Instead, it this the connection to the Exodus story that jumps out of this passageContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday June 14, 2015”