Heavens Are Opened

J A S M I N EThis Sunday marks one of my favorite liturgical celebrations where water is flung across the Sanctuary and we each remember our baptisms. It is the Baptism of Christ as we remember it told in Luke 3:15-17, 21-22.

As our heavens are opened to remember this call to discipleship again, here is a Call to Worship that I wrote in 2013 and shared with the wonderful resource of prayers and inspiration on Liturgylink. It is slightly adapted from the original version found here.

One: We come as people filled with great expectation.
All: We come filled with hopes and dreams.
One: We come with questioning in our hearts.
All: We come with doubts that weigh us down.
One: We long for the heavens to open.
All: We need to hear the voice of God,
One: Whispering our names,
and telling each us again,
All: You are Beloved with who you am well pleased.

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