Pandemic Prayers for the Second Sunday of Advent

Last week, I shared my own candle lighting liturgy for Advent but then Maren Tirabassi posted this beautifully simply liturgy inspired by Howard Thurman and I love it. If you haven’t chosen something because you’re exhausted and it’s Thanksgiving and all of the other things that are taking up your time, go and find this wonder.

I was also delighted to find these offertory prayers by Joanna Harader in my email a few days ago. These are just delightful and a blessing to hand off to any nervous layleaders that aren’t quite sure how to find words of their own. (This is a compliment to you, dear pastor. You do such an amazing job crafting worship that these dear souls only want to addd to your hard work. They might not have the words for it so I’m here to remind you.)

This is that Sunday where John steps into the murky river waters and starts pointing fingers. It’ll happen again in the early weeks of January and I like that full story told then. Here, I want hints of what it means to welcome such change.

I found myself singing this after reading the lections for this week. This is a quiet, meditative version that could work for the beginning of worship if your licenses allow use of it. It might lead into the following call to worship.

Call to Worship
Inspired by Baruch 5:1-9

It is morning and 
sleep still clings to our eyes.

It is morning and 
there are new wonders
awaiting our tired eyes.

It is morning and 
we have shuffled into 
the living room to find
community and praise 
before we've really prepared
for the day. We cling to
our mugs and sip on hope
because sorrow and affliction
clung to us all night. It has wrapped
us up and held tight for too long.
We are ready for something else.

It is morning and 
we are ready to put on Jesus.
Let us put on our robes of splendor
and may God show us glory in
every thing under heaven.

It is morning and
we are ready for glory.

Could there be a wee hint of those angels singing from Angels We Have Heard on High here? Why not? Really, bring on the glory. We all need it. Or at least I need it. I also really like Jesus, O What a Wonderful Child but I can’t find a version that I like.

As I wonder about singing in these Advent days, I wondered about what would lead to singing a Nunc Dimittis. It’s so often used as a blessing or even a funerary song as this collection of variations from Natalie Sims reveals. I wanted it to be something else for those other moments of worship when we are not sure how to praise but we want to find God’s peace. I wrote this thinking that it might lead toward singing one of these songs. Or maybe just listening to a soloist sing as it is in these pandemic days.

Sometimes Prayer for Peace
Inspired by Luke 1:68-79

Sometimes it is hard 
to remember all that is promised
and imagined to be with
God's glory. Sometimes
we forget or we are 
just too tired from another 
restless, sleepless night
so full of worry for the world.

Sometimes we are not
sure what blessing 
looks like or feels like.
We get stuck on what it was 
back then so that it feels
impossible to find now.

Sometimes it doesn't feel
like anything will ever change.

That is when it is too hard
and we need a tender hand 
to hold. We need to know 
that we are not alone in 
these shadows and frustrations.
We need to remember
that God is with us
just as God has always
been with us leading 
us to the peace 
we need most.

Sometimes this 
is what peace feels
like. Sometimes it 
is just like this.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

I am praying for you, dear pastor. I’m praying for you so much.

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