Pandemic Prayers for the Whole Season of Lent

Near the beginning of the pandemic, I started sharing weekly prayers without worrying about asking for credit or payment. It has been a prayer for you, dear pastor.

It has been an act of love and something small I could do to support the many ways that you have been innovating throughout this pandemic. When everything is changing. I can write a few prayers for worship that you can copy and paste. No worries. I can create a few liturgies that might mean you don’t have to create something new and fresh. I’ve been honored to do it and loved every note I’ve received of thanks. I’ve especially loved to hear how my ideas have sparked even better ideas with great meaning for the people you love and serve so well. It has been a gift to share with you in this way — and I’m not looking to stop.

Like so many, I never thought I’d still be writing these prayers. I thought life would return to normal by now. I really thought this would be over — but here we are. I never imagined that this is where we would be or that I’d pepper these pages with so many ingredients to enhance your worship services.

This is not the end but there are some things need to change to make way for my spiritual direction practice. I know that writing these prayers — or just writing — is part of this ministry but I need a little more wiggle room to focus on this newly forming ministry. I am offering a special invitation especially for moms at this point in the pandemic.

I will still be writing prayers and there will be pandemic prayers that still appear in these pages. It just won’t happen weekly as it has been.

There will be fewer prayers posted here and I’ll be shifting to another format to offer weekly prayers. I’ve thought about a Substack and haven’t yet given up on that idea but for this upcoming season of Lent, I’m offering a downloadable resource like those that I’ve offered before.

We all need to take baby steps into big changes, right? I want to experiment to see what works best for me — but even more so what works best for the worship leaders using these resources to support their worship.

So we’ll start with this resource for Lent that might appeal especially to the procrastinators that haven’t yet ordered something. I know it’s late. It took a while for me to imagine it especially since I imagined something else before Our Whole Hearts truly took shape — and I love how this has come together. If you’re familiar with my pandemic prayers, you won’t be surprised to see the weekly offerings of prayer for Ash Wednesday and the five weeks of Lent. I stopped short of Palm and Passion Sunday because I have still another idea in mind.

In this resource, I also offer a list of titles for preaching inspiration and some questions to ponder each week. These questions could be used in a wide variety of ways beyond preaching too! There are music and art suggestions that will feel familiar to the suggestions that I have made here. My absolute favorite part is the simple practices which are ideas that could be used as stations in your worship or sent home to engage families in between Sundays. There are a whole lot of possibilities with these simple practices — just as there are a whole lot of possibilities with the questions included for each week. They’re intended to be meditative and invite reflection. They could be used in worship or shared on social media — and because I wanted to see what that would look like, I went ahead and created a set of these questions for Instagram. I only made three so far but I’ll be happy to share more if there is interest.

If your browser allows you to copy and paste them, please go ahead and save them for your social media ministry this Lent even if you are not using Our Whole Hearts.

Like everything else I’ve created in this pandemic, I rely on the Creative Commons License that allows you to copy and paste. Go ahead and edit for your context as needed. If you give me credit, that’s great. I’m including a RTF file with each purchase so that copying and pasting is easier. This has been one of the obstacles in sharing prayers here on WordPress. I’m hoping this makes it super easy. That’s my prayer anyway.

I will be sharing a few more prayers here in these pages during Lent to accompany Our Whole Hearts because I have more ideas that I can squeeze into 12 pages. If you are looking for weekly prayers, you’ll find them for the whole season of Lent in Our Whole Hearts. Occasional prayers will still pop up and I’m still hoping for some more recipes.

I also have a ton of resources available for Lent in these pages that are all linked to in Another Lent in Coronatide and I got some wonderful feedback on my newsletter for the last season so I’m working in making a really awesome mailing for Lent. You’ll want to sign up to get that though because I will not remember to post it anywhere else.

As I make this shift, I’d love your support and prayers for my spiritual direction practice. It’s been a dream for so many years now that it was starting to feel like it would never come true. I’m both nervous and excited to be at this point where it actually feels possible.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Prayers for the Whole Season of Lent

  1. Elsa, I am not successful clicking through on any of these. I’m done with a two month bridge March 1 so I am not leading Lenten worship but I was interested to look. I will be happy to enjoy the things I find here.


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