Lovely Dwelling

As summer fades, our churches are preparing for the same rush that school teachers are imagining with great anticipation and joy.

There are lots of events and details for which pastors and teachers are eagerly planning. You, dear pastor, are starting to get excited for what might feel like the first ‘normal’ year of programming in a very long time. You are still taking precautions and ministry has changed so much in such a short time.

These prayers are all centered around Psalm 84 which doesn’t appear in the Revised Common Lectionary until late in October. Still, it feels like these words might guide this season. They might shape us each week along with the other things that I’ve imagined in my upcoming newsletter. You may have already seen this other post from this collection. You certainly have some wonderful ideas of your own, dear pastor. I know you do.

As always, use these words as they bless your worship. Maybe they appear again and again throughout season as we fling open the doors and welcome each other again.

Lovely Welcome
Inspired by Psalm 84

There are so many places
that we live. There are places
that feel like home and spaces
that are home because of those that live there
and the way that it makes us feel to just be
in that chair or at that table. 
Something shifts when we walk 
through the door and it is lovely.
It is lovely to be in this place.
Dear one, wherever you have com from
and wherever you might be going, might
this place where we sing and praise,
lament and pray together be a place
that feels like another home.
May it be lovely because
it is so lovely to dwell with you here. 

I could see this welcome being repeated. Maybe not every week but maybe there are variations on it. Or it just appears on the days where communion is shared, if you are of one of those traditions where it doesn’t happen weekly. It might be nice just to hear that it’s lovely to be together. The following prayer might go with it or be used other times.

Prayer of Invocation
Inspired by Psalm 84

Dwell with us here, O God.
Dwell in this cozy nest so that
we might find our home in you again.
We have been so scattered
flitting and flying about
through all that has felt uncertain.
So much has been uncertain
and praise hasn't come easily.
We have felt everything else.

Now, O God, find us all together again.
It is so lovely to be together
and we need to be together, with you
and with all that is gathered here.
Enfold us in your wing, O God.
Gather us in to your love and strength.
Dwell in the songs we sing
to praise your name
and show us your grace.
Now and always. Amen.

In all of the meaningful re-gathering you are creating for your community, I give thanks. Thank you for all you do, dear pastor. As always, I’m praying for you.

5 thoughts on “Lovely Dwelling

  1. Thank you so much for this — I have just returned from Iona and a whirlwind day in Iona to finish packing up house and this is a particular blessing.


  2. Whenever these pop into my inbox, I get a little surge of Christmas morning glee! Thank you for all the treasures from across the sea. You are loved and missed.


    1. You made my day, Anna! Thank you and you know I’m always at the ready to help with crafting worship for the wonderful people in Austin!


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