Pandemic Prayers for Proper 23

For only the second time in this pandemic, I recorded a sermon to be shared in worship. I wrote a sermon and preached it sitting at my dining room table. I sent the children away so that they wouldn’t distract me or the worshipping congregation — and I have some feelings about this especially on a Sunday when we’re supposed to remember that the realm of God’s possibility belongs to children.

It was a prayer for you, dear pastor. I know that you have done this hundreds of times now. Maybe even thousands and you mostly know what you’re doing in recording and preparing worship. You’ve figured a ton of things out only to be frustrated by the millions of changes that are thrown at you each week with variants raging. And then today, there was good news in the Untied States. My email announced that COVID is in retreat. May it be so. May this worldwide trend continue but even if it doesn’t, know that I’m praying for all of the ways that you’re loving God and loving her people right now. You are amazing. I already knew that but I prayed it a little harder this past week.

And now, a prayer for this coming Sunday to enter into God’s presence.

Invitation to Worship

Inspired by Amos 5:6-7, 10-15

Seek God 
in the impossibility 
and the improbability. 

Seek God 
in what does not make sense
and what feels overwhelming. 

and find the wonder
again that you are alive today.
You are alive today
and you were called to live.

There is much to
cause us trouble and worry
but for this moment
let us just catch our breath.
Let us breathe fully -- 
in and out --
and marvel at
what it means to be alive 
this day.

One of the talented pastors that has innovated so faithfully in this pandemic has a ton of wonderful lyrical videos on her YouTube channel. I thought this one might work well for following this prayer and giving a slight nod to the Gospel Lesson.

Called Me Higher by All Sons and Daughters is covered by the CCLI license.

That’s all I’ve got for this particular Sunday but I am faithfully working on a round-up of Advent and Christmas ideas to be shared in News from My Kitchen that will be further delayed because Jo Owens of Vibrant Church Communications and I just teamed up to create something amazing for Advent. If you’re eager to order things and have Advent planned and done, there are some goodies in my kitchen that might help your planning. Or if you can wait, you’ll be super excited to see what will come into your inbox in my very occasional liturgy-filled email. You can sign up here.

I am praying for you, dear pastors, liturgists and musicians. I’m praying for you so much.

One thought on “Pandemic Prayers for Proper 23

  1. Dear Pastor Elsa, I am praying for you, your little daughters and husband. Have a safe and happy life!
    Love, Eleanor van Noppen


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