Pandemic Prayers for the First Sunday of Advent

It was just yesterday that I was in a Zoom meeting daydreaming about what Advent might look like in 2022 with my collaborators at Seasons of the Spirit FUSION. It was such a fun conversation with so many ideas on how we might claim ritual and community in whatever stage of the pandemic we might be then.

Pandemic Lighting of the Advent Wreath

I’ve already been daydreaming about this year. Hopefully, you’ve already found the Pandemic Lighting of the Advent Wreath I wrote for multiple voices and storytelling within your church community. It will 110% work on Zoom but it will take some extra planning. That might not be what you need to hear, dear pastor. You might be looking for something simple and easy to cut and paste.

I wrote the following prayers for that reason and though they’re intended to pair with the wreath lighting I wrote last month, you could opt for this beautiful Advent Wreath liturgy infused with poetry by my friend Martha Spong. It’s written for the Narrative Lectionary but I still think that it works for the mood of this year. Another Narrative Lectionary version written by another friend is this God-With-Us Advent Candle Lighting but if you’re not interested in reworking anything then there is this one from NEXT Church.

I find myself wanting there to be singing perhaps because I still haven’t felt that wonder of singing together in worship. It’s an active part of my pandemic grief and I long for a song to sing that will make sense for the living of these days when I’m exhausted by the waiting and wondering what Christmas will look like this year when it seems that lockdown is just around the corner here in Germany. I find myself — again — leaning into our most ancient hymns for lyrics to stir my heart.

Call to Worship
Inspired by Psalm 25:1-10 and Luke 21:25-36

Come, lift your hope 
to listen for the singing
echoing from the hills.

Come, lift your wonder
to hear the gentle humming 
of neighbors and friends
needing a song to sing.

There are angels
announcing good news
here and there and everywhere. 

Come, come and join 
the song. God leads you in truth. 
God sings to you with wonder.
Come, lift your voice and sing. 

Advent is one of those seasons where we want to sing the familiar hymns that we have sung for so long. Full disclosure: they are some of my favorites. There are even some who think that this is a time to sing carols. Tsk tsk. I don’t even know if I am kidding about that anymore. Is that a hardline to hold? I remain uncertain especially in this second year of the pandemic but this particular invitation to worship makes me wonder about this hymn that isn’t commonly heard in Advent.

There’s a version of this that has been made popular by John Bell but I rather like this recording and confess I have no idea what the permissions might be for this talented choir. According to Hymnary, it appears in quite a few hymnals so that might help you out. I love chants like this one as they can be learned and repeated throughout the worship service.

As you look beyond Advent, you might be looking for new poems to tell the story on Christmas Eve or during Christmastide. It’s a list I update every year — but I haven’t done so yet. Last year, I also shared this Lessons and Carols Service in Coronatide and this year I created this Pandemic Fireside Prayers for Christmas to use in on that Sunday immediately following Christmas Eve.

There are other wonders in my kitchen for Advent and Christmas and if you sign up for my email list, you’ll be the first to know about this new release I’ve linked to way too many times. I’m putting final touches on it now so get excited!

I am praying for you, dear pastor. I’m praying for you so much.

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Prayers for the First Sunday of Advent

  1. Greetings Elsa,

    More wonderful resources! I love the lighting of the advent wreath you created for Old First and I’d love to use it this year (with credit!) . I’m having trouble cutting and pasting from the site. I can absolutely just retype it but I wonder if you have it available somewhere in Word, even for purchase? Many thanks!




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    1. Hi Cindy! I have heard this is a problem but I don’t have this reformatted. I’ll make a downloadable version and you’re welcome to buy me a coffee but it’s not expected. I have your email from your comment. I’ll shoot you a note when it’s ready! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and blessings in your ministry!!

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