Pandemic Psalms for Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

Though there was a nod to hearts last week, it always feels like the celebration of Saint Valentine sneaks into our worship. It’s not a liturgical holiday and I have feelings about such things — but there is something about love even if what we are cherishing right now is friendship. (This Sunday is after all the officially Galentine’s Day.)

I don’t think that Psalm 1 actually lends to this theme but we will see what happens as we play with it a bit more. There are, of course, other meditations on the psalm that might add to your worship.

The Living Psalms project actually offers three versions of Psalm 1. There is this retelling of the psalm that really opens up the language of this song for me. There is a song you can find but I’m not going to link to. I’m not sure how it would be used without music but there is this other retelling that uplifts the justice we still need in this world. I rather like this call to worship though I’m also offering a call to worship.

Call to Worship
Inspired by Psalm 1

We have wandered so much
criss-crossing over all of creation
to find our way in this wide and wonderful world.
We have wondered if we were on the right path
more than once. We have questioned everything.

We don't know if we are right. We are not 
sure about anything right now but we are glad
to plant ourselves here in this love,
in this community, in this place
where we pray we will grow 
and change in this hour
of worship and praise. 

Let love change us again.

This is another one where I seem to have strayed from the text.

And because of Saint Valentine, the song I’m sharing is about love. Because love is awesome and God’s love is the most awesome. Some of the lyrics ended up in the prayer too so it might make sense to follow this prayer with this song as your permissions allow.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

I am praying for you, dear pastor. I’m praying for you so much.

One thought on “Pandemic Psalms for Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

  1. I love the Call to Worship … speaking of songs and just for fun is my Valentine’s take on “Be Thou my Vision”

    Be Thou my Valentine, fill me with love.
    Help me to reach out
    with bare hand not glove
    to each of your children – the far and the near –
    the ones filled with laughter,
    and the ones bright with tears.

    Thank you for moments of gentle romance.
    Thank you for passion
    that makes our hearts dance.
    Thank you for giving spouse, partner and friend,
    your promise in grieving
    that the love never ends.

    Praise to the God of brash Solomon’s Song,
    Shepherd of those
    who don’t think they belong,
    Ring of sweet joy around all who engage,
    and Guide in divorces
    for those turning the page.

    Be Thou my Valentine, teach me to tell
    all of your children
    who sit by dry wells —
    your Water is Living, you are the true Vine,
    and, when there’s a party –
    You’re the One with the wine!


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