Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 19, 2015

Over the weekend, I saw Woman in Gold. Throughout the film, even in the most subtle of moments, there is this question about how an individual or a nation participates in Nazism. Is it just something that happened? Are our ancestors to be blamed? Or did they actively take part? How do you atone forContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 19, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 12, 2015

The Narrative Lectionary on April 12, 2015 is Matthew 28:16-20. It feels so odd not to share in the story of Thomas. I want to stick my fingers in that story. I want to wonder about my doubt. But, that’s not what happens in this cycle of readings. Instead, we are pushed to wonder how we might “goContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 12, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 5, 2015

After that last supper, after the disciples have deserted and one of them has betrayed all that he once believed to be true, after the one they had been following died the most horrible death one might have imagined then, it will be Sunday. It will be Easter. It’s what happens after — but itContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday April 5, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday March 29, 2015

This Sunday brings the palms. Call it a parade. Call it a procession. Call it a protest. Our church people expect to wave palms happily in the air before the resurrection is proclaimed next week. Pastors struggle with this. This is the week that they are busy cranking out bulletins for Holy Week. They areContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday March 29, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday March 22, 2015

This new thing began last week. Because writing is good. I like writing. I need to write. I especially need to write liturgy. So here we are again. Here are some Liturgical Lights. The following prayers focus on Matthew 25:31-46 which is the focus passage from the Narrative Lectionary on March 22, 2015. So often, when we hear theseContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday March 22, 2015”

Liturgical Lights for Sunday March 15, 2015

Toward the end of my last call, I stopped writing liturgy. There were so many other things to do. So very many things. I just didn’t have time. Or I didn’t make time. Because writing liturgy takes time. Lots of time to get the words right. It is holy work. It is holy work thatContinue reading “Liturgical Lights for Sunday March 15, 2015”

Sermon: Anything Good

Last week, as I was preparing to preach this sermon, I sat with a retired clergy member of my congregation where I asked her about how she’s preached this particular Sunday. This Martin Luther King Day. This Sunday I’ve been thinking about since Trayvon Martin was murdered. At that point, and as you’ll find inContinue reading “Sermon: Anything Good”

How to Make Ashes

Every year, I enjoy the ritual of transforming last year’s palms into ashes. This year, I posted something about this ritual on Facebook which spurred a series of responses from some dear clergy friends who had little success in making ashes. So, this is my attempt to come to the rescue of my dear friends.Continue reading “How to Make Ashes”